Take a Stand on Middle East Violence

A statement from the Jewish Bar Alliance NY (JBA NY) regarding the People of the State of Israel during this violent perilous period.

May 14, 2021

Take a Stand on Middle East Violence

The letter below was prepared and published by the Jewish Bar Alliance NY (JBA NY). Download the original PDF here.


Re: Take a Stand on Middle East Violence — May 14, 2021  

Dear Member, 

The Jewish Bar Alliance NY (JBA NY) and our affiliated Jewish bar associations throughout the New York metropolitan area unabashedly fully stand with the People of the State of Israel during this violent perilous period. Over the last few days innocent Israelis have been targeted incessantly by rockets fired by Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip. Israelis have been forced to run for cover at all hours at the sound of warning sirens. Families have spent nights in bomb shelters and when not available, huddled in building stairwells. No nation can, nor should be expected to tolerate this terror without defending her citizens. It is imperative that all people of good will stand up for Israel's right to defend herself. 

Representative Ilhan Omar has stated on Twitter: "Unlike Israel, missile defense programs, such as Iron Dome, don't exist to protect Palestinian civilians." What Representative Omar fails to state is that Palestinians have no need for such defensive programs. Hamas absolutely has the ability to stop Israeli missiles. When Hamas stops shooting rockets into Israel, Israel's powerful and necessary military response will cease. While innocent Palestinians have tragically been killed in Gaza, the responsibility for this lies squarely with Hamas who launches rockets at Israel from civilian locations, including hospitals and Mosques in Gaza. The IDF takes all reasonable precautions to prevent civilian deaths. It routinely warns residents in advance when a terrorist location near them is about to be targeted, something no other military on Earth does. Nevertheless, innocent Palestinians and Israelis are casualties and the death and carnage increases. 

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance defines one form of "anti-Semitism" as setting standards for Israel to follow that no other nation in the world is expected to adhere to. Is there any other nation that would be castigated for defending its citizenry when rockets are aimed at its towns, cities and capitals? On the contrary, such a nation, particularly when it is the only democracy within a sea of totalitarian dictatorships that must struggle each day for its right to exist, deserves full throated support! 

Our organization, affiliated Jewish bar associations and respective memberships stand firmly with Israel and implore others to stand with us to end the escalating violence now. 

Board of Directors
Jewish Bar Alliance NY